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Introducing The Australian Corporate Law Academy       

Building on the themes from our book and insight series, Bootmakers, Boards and Rogues, The Australian Corporate Law Academy presents an on-demand webinar series that delves into the core issues of corporate law.

Our aim is to equip our clients, networks and broader community with the knowledge and insights needed to navigate this dynamic landscape. Led by our experts, these webinars are designed to foster a deeper understanding of Australian corporate law.

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Continuous disclosure: The challenges, consequences and the future

While the Australian continuous disclosure regime has evolved over time through the introduction of various reforms, the current regime still presents a series of challenges and practical difficulties for listed entities in seeking to comply with its requirements. The consequences for these entities, and their directors and officers, for failing to do so can be severe and wide ranging.

Tony Damian and Cameron Hanson discuss the Australian continuous disclosure regime, including important recent developments. Tony and Cameron also cover possible reforms to address the balance between the competing needs of the timely disclosure of material information and placing reasonable and appropriate regulatory burdens on market participants.

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Evolution of securities disclosure: rethinking Australia’s financial product offering system

A fundamental aspect of Australian corporate law is the regulations surrounding securities offerings. The Corporations Act has expanded to cover a wider range of financial products beyond traditional fundraising securities, increasingly viewed through a consumer lens. There's an ongoing debate about the role of disclosure as the central component of the financial product offering system.

Join Partner Tim McEwen as he navigates the complex regulatory patchwork of disclosure documents and exemptions, evaluating its effectiveness for investors and issuers, and discussing potential future developments.

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ESG and its impact on corporate law 

This engaging webinar will cover why ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) has become a top priority for companies and directors, how corporate law intersects with ESG objectives, and the regulatory perspective regarding ESG issues in Australia.

Joining our Australian Lead for ESG, Tim Stutt (Partner, Sydney), our panel will feature Senior Associates Amy Henderson (Melbourne) and Bianca Marcocci (Sydney) to discuss the future of ESG, including global trends towards ESG diligence, anti-ESG pushback, the growth of business and human rights and the increasing focus on nature risk and capital.

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Are you executing your documents properly?

Businesses and their legal teams spend considerable time and effort negotiating agreements and other instruments – but that can all be put at risk if the documents are not executed correctly.

Join Partner Stephen Dobbs (Sydney) for an overview of the rules in the various Australian jurisdictions in relation to the execution of deeds and simple contracts, including why they differ, when digital execution is permitted (and when it is not), and the scenarios that give rise to the most confusion.

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The Modern Approach to Capital Maintenance

Join us for our webinar on "The Modern Approach to Capital Maintenance", presented by Partner Nicole Pedler (Sydney) and Associate Raul Vellani (London).  

Chief Financial Officers, General Counsels and Company Secretaries are routinely asked to sign-off that their companies can undertake capital reductions and share buy-backs and pay dividends, yet the law in this area is rooted in doctrines which seem far removed from their application today. This session covers the most practical and modern approaches for those types of actions and is a must for any practitioner who encounters them. This session will also focus how demergers use those mechanisms as a flexible and effective way to split significant businesses.

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We're convinced that by enriching your knowledge and skills, we can collaboratively sculpt a thriving future for corporate law in Australia.

At Herbert Smith Freehills, our unwavering commitment is to equip you with the insights, tools, and diverse viewpoints crucial for navigating today's intricate business landscape. 

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Timothy Stutt photo

Timothy Stutt

Partner, Sydney

Nicole Pedler photo

Nicole Pedler

Partner, Sydney

Stephen Dobbs photo

Stephen Dobbs

Partner, Sydney

Bianca Marcocci photo

Bianca Marcocci

Senior Associate, Sydney

Raul Vellani photo

Raul Vellani

Associate (Australia), London

Bootmakers, Boards and Rogues

Exploring the issues in corporate law

Technical and political disruption, regulations that have remained stagnant, alongside businesses faced with increased complexity. The domain of corporate Australia’s regulation finds itself at a crossroads.

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Tony Damian

Partner, Sydney

Tony Damian
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Amelia Morgan

Partner, Sydney

Amelia Morgan

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