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Insolvencies are on the rise in Hong Kong. An increasing number of businesses are engaging in debt restructuring or entering the liquidation process. Having an understanding of Hong Kong's insolvency and restructuring regime is crucial for Mainland businesses operating or lending in Hong Kong.


What types of winding up are there? When should you use provisional liquidation? How does Hong Kong insolvency law deal with foreign-incorporated companies? What about foreign insolvencies and foreign liquidators? What are the consequences of a winding up order? What are the powers and duties of a liquidator? How do you deal with them?


We are pleased to launch a new Mandarin podcast series "Hong Kong Insolvency Law", where our specialists will discuss these crucial and frequently-asked questions in bite-size, accessible episodes. 


Episode 1 - What is winding up? 第一期 –  什么是清盘

In the first episode of our new Mandarin podcast, Jojo Fan and Peter Ng discuss the concept of winding up and different modes of winding up under Hong Kong law, debunking some common misconceptions.



Speakers: Jojo Fan, Partner, Disputes, Hong Kong; Peter Ng, Senior Associate, Disputes, Hong Kong



Episode 2 - PROVING INABILITY TO PAY DEBTS 第二期 – 证明债务人无能力偿付债项

A ground for winding up is that the company concerned is "unable to pay its debts". Under what circumstances will a company be considered unable to pay its debts? How can the creditors prove it? In the second episode of our Mandarin podcast, Peter Ng and Jody Luk discuss in detail this common ground for winding up a company under Hong Kong law.


Speakers: Peter Ng, Senior Associate, Disputes, Hong Kong; Jody Luk, Senior Associate, Disputes, Hong Kong



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Jojo Fan

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Jojo Fan
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Peter Ng

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