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In this rapidly-evolving regulatory landscape, these regular podcasts will provide practical insights from our network of specialists (and maybe some special guests along the way) in a digestible, and hopefully enjoyable, format.

For the latest developments across Asia, as well as those affecting Asian businesses around the world, check out our sister podcast series Unbundling Competition.


Episode 5

In this consumer podcast, Susan Black (Partner) and Kristien Geeurickx (Professional Support Consultant) put the spotlight on the consumer protection provisions of the UK's Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill which is currently going through Parliament and is expected to take effect late 2023/early 2024.   Once adopted it will make a number of key changes to the UK consumer protection regime, including strengthened enforcement powers and the introduction of new, enhanced consumer rights in order to ensure the legislation keeps pace with market developments such as the trend towards online retail and advertising.  Some of the headline points we cover in the podcast include the possibility for enforcers to impose penalties of up to 10% of global turnover on infringing businesses, a series of requirements imposed on businesses that operate subscription contracts, and focus on unfair practices such as fake reviews and greenwashing.  Once the Bill is adopted we will follow up with further insights, so watch this space.

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