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This guide provides an overview of EU anti-dumping law and practice .

The main rules pertaining to EU anti-dumping law are laid down in Regulation 2016/1036. These rules are explicitly based on and must be consistent with those contained in the WTO Anti-Dumping Agreement. Under EU law, anti-dumping measures may be imposed only if:

  1. Imports into the EU are found to be dumped;
  2. The dumped imports have caused or threaten to cause injury to the relevant Union  industry; and
  3. The imposition of anti-dumping measures would not be against the Union interest.
  4. In reaching the above findings, the EU authorities must observe applicable procedural requirements, including the due process rights of interested parties. 

The first three sections provide an overview of EU rules and practice with respect to dumping, injury and the Union interest assessments. The fourth section provides a practical overview of EU anti-dumping procedures.

Download a copy of our guide here.

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