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From increasing ESG obligations to emerging AI and technology, our guide provides insight on the key legal developments impacting business

Our latest edition of the General Counsel Update summarises major legal developments since our autumn update and provides guidance for businesses facing these consequential challenges and opportunities.​

Our instalment kicks off with a feature-length article exploring how general counsel (GCs) handle risk when upheaval never ends. In particular, GCs explain the biggest corporate risks their sectors are facing and share how they manage crisis. Many emphasise the importance of diverse thinking, having allies in business, and a closer alignment between legal and communications.

The publication continues with a deeper look at legal developments such as the Unified Patent Court, a radical overhaul of the UK listing framework, and the Retained EU Law Bill. Climate challenges are covered throughout the publication, as solicitors are issued guidance for the first time urging them to tackle carbon emissions. The risks and opportunities of our increasingly digital world are also prevalent, and we hear about the rise of visual contracting, crypto currency, and the regulation of artificial intelligence.

As new challenges emerge for GCs, this guide provides the needed insight on our complex global environment.

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