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With parties set to face a new era in dealmaking, Caroline Rae, Charles Steward and Antonia Kirkby analyse the key trends across the M&A market

2023 could prove an inflection point in M&A. The period of easy money following the 2008 financial crisis has ended and a new era of higher interest rates has emerged post-pandemic.

As the economic environment shifts, so too has market practice, with conditions precedent, efforts standards, liability provisions, and completion mechanisms all undergoing changes. Moreover, parties are dealing with a plethora of issues, such as longer deal timetables, gaps in valuation expectations, ESG concerns and private equity sellers.

Our Private M&A in 2023 report explores all these trends and anticipates how the market will develop across the remainder of the year. Download the report below. 


This article first appeared in the May 2023 issue of PLC Magazine.

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Caroline Rae

Partner, London

Caroline Rae
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Charles Steward

Senior Associate, London

Charles Steward
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Antonia Kirkby

Professional Support Consultant, London

Antonia Kirkby

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