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Our assessment of the key lessons for insurance policyholders based on last year’s top cases and market developments.

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This unique publication focuses on business implications and learnings for insurance policyholders, including:

  • Cyber insurance has become a focal point: cyber insurance has been a hot topic for a few years now, but a number of very public cyber attacks in 2022 have made it clear to everyone how important it is to have considered coverage prior to being a victim of an attack. In this publication we seek to demystify the issues around cyber insurance and set out what you need to know to understand the state of cyber insurance in Australia.
  • Potential signs of recovery for Directors’ & Officers’ insurance market: the last 3-5 years have seen significant volatility and increased premiums in the Australian D&O market. However, as we predicted last year, a combination of factors has led to a number of brokers reporting a stabilisation in premiums, with % premium increases reducing significantly and the prospect of premium reductions on the horizon.
  • The legal controversies in relation to COVID-19 insurance claims have largely been resolved: 2022 saw a number of decisions in relation to business interruption coverage for COVID-19. The result of these decisions is to significantly reduce the range of potentially successful claims. In this publication we explain the key issues and key decisions in this area.

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Mark Darwin

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