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With shareholder campaigns on the rise and spreading globally, our guide provides a snapshot of the latest legal, regulatory and business trends

Shareholder activism continues to be a key feature of the global markets. Despite seeing a slight dip in activist activity at the onset of the pandemic, shareholder activism appears to be on the rise, with Q1 2022 seeing a 50% increase in campaigns as compared with Q1 2021. And, though activism has its roots in the US, it continues to spread throughout the UK, Europe, Australia and Asia.

While shareholder activism is not new, the profile of investors taking an activist stance and the outcomes they seek to achieve continue to evolve alongside wider market developments.

We are also seeing traditionally activist shareholders move towards conducting M&A in their own right and seeing them targeted by other activists.

To explore these themes, we have published an introductory guide in which we give an overview of the following areas:

  • What shareholder activism is and who the activist shareholders are.
  • Areas on which their campaigns often focus.
  • The tools deployed by activists.
  • How companies can prepare for and respond to an activism campaign.

For a snapshot of the key rights that activists and companies may seek to use in the UK, as well as the regulatory requirements and restrictions that will have to be considered in the event of an activist campaign, see our UK Activism Guide.

Shareholder Activism in the UK

Global Shareholder Activism

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