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We are pleased to share Infinite Possibilities, our first-ever publication focusing on autism. It is a collection of inspiring personal stories written by our people and friends of the firm who are either themselves autistic or closely related to someone on the spectrum. It highlights the hugely positive impact autism can have on people's lives and on the organisations in which autistic individuals work. 

We discuss our ongoing efforts with some of our partner organisations to understand, support and celebrate autistic people – in particular, around finding, and succeeding in, employment. We also highlight the strengths and challenges associated with an autism diagnosis as well as some initiatives that aim to improve the life and employment outcomes for autistic people. 


Please download our Infinite Possibilities: Living and Working with Autism brochure here 


About the artwork

The artwork used in this publication has been produced especially for the firm's neurodiversity initiative by Noah Buyukertas, the autistic child of Mandy Buyukertas, a Practice Executive.

In Noah’s words: "My painting expresses the diversity of the autistic experience and the way our thoughts bring a colourfulness to a society that often seems grey with similarity."

We'd like to thank Noah, all the contributors who have shared their story and those who have worked hard behind the scenes.

We'd love to hear your suggestions and to discuss opportunities to collaborate – do get in touch with Alison Matthews or Daniel D'Mello.


Read more about our Diversity & Inclusion strategy.

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