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Cities are responsible for around 75% of global CO2 emissions. To effectively battle climate change, urban hubs will need to be in the vanguard. A handful of cities are aware of this responsibility, and willingly placed themselves on the front lines in the effort to decarbonise.

Across the UK, mainland Europe and the Asia Pacific, this group of metropolitan centres has declared climate emergencies, set ambitious emission reduction targets, and partnered with the private sector on wide-scale decarbonisation projects. The scope and depth of their commitments puts them at the cutting edge of clean urban living.

But how have these cities balanced environmental ambition and continued economic growth? Who are the major stakeholders? And what are the major legal hurdles and risks?

Our Decarbonising Cities series starts with an overview of these pioneer cities, with our experts and key industry figures sharing their insight on how cities can spearhead the campaign to net zero.

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