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We are excited to launch our latest report, Halfway to COP27 – a review of governments' ambitions and promises in respect of climate change, six months after the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, commonly referred to as COP26, brought together 120 world leaders to discuss the issue.

Climate change is the biggest challenge of modern times. Our 'Climate Ambition Report' covers insights from our experts across the globe, representing 24 regions. It recalls the promises that were made in the lead up to, and during COP26, to assess the progress which has been made across various jurisdictions – and whether ambitions have been turned into concrete action.

Key findings from the report:

  • Climate change impacts our planet in different ways depending on the region. While extreme weather events are becoming more common globally, some regions are battling droughts and forest fires, while others are suffering from storms and flooding. This means policy, regulatory and legislative responses differ between countries.
  • The EU and UK continue to lead the way on climate ambition, but this does not mean that they are taking sufficient steps to keep global warming below 1.5˚c.
  • As countries around the world slowly embrace the energy transition, the need for collaborative global action is becoming more apparent.

We consider it our mission to guide our clients on the tumultuous path ahead to successfully transitioning to net-zero carbon. As part of this, we can help you understand and monitor the rapidly changing regulatory landscape across jurisdictions and assist you in identifying – and preparing for – the related risks and opportunities along the way.

Halfway to COP27 will be relevant to all sectors as climate change becomes increasingly important to businesses. Climate-related regulation and legislation is being rolled-out in many countries – often in a sector agnostic manner – and businesses will find it useful to know the global trends in climate action.


Climate Ambition Report

This report aims to provide an overview of global ambition in relation to climate change since the COP26 conference. It outlines what has happened at the policy, legislative and regulatory levels across various jurisdictions over the past six months. Click on your jurisdiction of interest or download the full guide.




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