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Following on from the popular investigations series (click here if you missed it) we are pleased to announce a new health & safety series which will focus on trends, duties, liability and mitigation strategies across the region.

There has been a steady increase in regulation in the safety space across Asia, and businesses are responding by putting health and safety matters higher up on the corporate agenda. This series will help clients understand the health and safety framework across Asia, map out what they need to do to comply and provide best practice guidance. In addition, we will look at trends in health and safety prosecutions, as well as directors' liabilities and how employee mental health and well-being fits in to the safety landscape.

This series will be useful for general counsels, senior leaders, compliance officers, employment lawyers and HR professionals with operations across the region and those focused on corporate governance.

There are 4 episodes in this series. The details and registration link for Episode 1 can be found below. The details and registration links for subsequent episodes will be sent separately. Please register and save the calendar invite to your diary. The calendar invite includes your access link for the session.

Episode 1The Health & Safety Scene in Asia
19 January 2022, 10.00am-11.00am Singapore time

An overview of health and safety obligations, types of liability, employer duties and mitigation strategies.

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Episode 2Preventing Workplace Accidents
16 February 2022, 10.00am-11.00am Singapore time

How to put your knowledge from Episode 1 into practice; risk assessments, workplace health & safety policies and responding to the changing ways of work.

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Episode 3:  Dealing With Workplace Accidents
02 March 2022, 10.00am-11.00am Singapore time 

How to respond when an accident occurs in the workplace, including reporting obligations, understanding injury compensation schemes and the rise in mental health and well-being related claims.

Please see recording

Episode 4 – Corporate Governance & Director's Liabilities
16 March 2022, 10.00am - 11.00am Singapore time

Drawing on developments in Australia, the final episode looks at why health & safety is a corporate governance issue and the impact on both businesses generally, and directors personally, when things go wrong.

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