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Nearly 2 months into 2022, it is clear that this year will be at least as challenging for the financial services industry as 2021 was.

One of the many challenges is the maze of EU ESG regulations, which apply to funds, asset managers, insurers and investment firms and their impact is not strictly limited to firms established in the EU. Any firm with EU operations or which markets products to EU investors or clients is in scope of the EU ESG regulations.

This wide ranging EU regime is now accompanied by the UK ESG regulatory framework, with the first set of disclosure requirements applicable to asset managers coming into force this year. Several more legislative proposals are expected over the course of 2022, which will need to be closely monitored by asset managers with UK-based operations.

Given this complex web of EU and UK rules, either in force or expected later this year, we have prepared two placemats which provide a snapshot of what market participants should expect in 2022 in relation to ESG regulation. If you are interested in more details or in hearing more about how HSF can support you in navigating this regulatory maze, please reach out to the named contacts or to your usual HSF contact.

UK version

EU version

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