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Making the time and effort to understand each other's lived experiences is an important part of our commitment to building a more inclusive culture in which everyone can thrive.  Capturing these experiences through the eyes of colleagues enables us to collectively take another step towards a society built on greater understanding and respect.

Our latest publication, Onwards and Upwards, aims to do just that. Created by the firm's Black Asian and Minority Ethnic Committee with support from the London Multiculturalism Network it explores the intertwined themes of Black Lives Matter, community and belonging and hope and growth.

It also highlights the impact of the pandemic on communities, offering insights into experiences of the Black community, worldwide, together with perspectives on what lies ahead. Contributors also focus on issues including racism in the workplace and what it means to become anti-racist.

While reading these contributions, we encourage you to reflect on how you feel the past year has been, and what you consider lies ahead.

Click here to read our Reflections from a Community publication 

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