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We delve into the key developments to help keep you on top of the fast evolving data security environment.

Cyber security is a high-ranking board agenda item showing no sign of abating. The regulatory landscape is becoming ever more complex as we strive to respond and mitigate the risks of cyber incidents. In the following webinars we delve into some key developments to help you keep abreast of changes and plan for preventative compliance measures.

Our global cyber and data security team has an unrivalled breadth and depth of expertise and includes specialists from our data privacy, financial services regulatory, corporate crime & investigations, insurance and employment practices, amongst others. Our team advises across the full cyber and data security lifecycle, including before-the-event cyber risk management, incident response and non-contentious transactional and project work.

Annual Corporate Crime and Investigations Conference - Part 1 - CC&I in the time of Covid-19

18 June 2020

As we adapt to the changes in our normal working life, we are pleased to announce we will still be holding our Annual Corporate Crime and Investigations (CC&I) Conference this year.  In line with the government’s advice on gatherings and social interactions, the London annual conference will be run as a series of video webinars which will, as usual, feature subject matter experts from across HSF's global network.

In our first webinar, our panel of experts will discuss CC&I in the time of COVID-19:

  • Our experts will explore the risks and challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic from a CC&I perspective, discussing what can be done to mitigate these risks and how the pandemic may shape the CC&I landscape in the future.  We will examine the impact of the pandemic on investigations in the UK, including on the activities of law enforcement agencies and regulators.  We will also look at emerging fraud risks and related compliance considerations.
  • With more and more people working remotely, cyber and data security risks have become more important than ever.  As part of this webinar, we will also take the example of a ransomware attack, and work through the legal and practical issues arising in responding to such an attack.  We will consider the legality of paying a ransom, the associated money laundering/sanctions/terrorist financing implications, best practices in relation to preserving insurance coverage (where it exists), and data privacy implications, as well as the longer term fallout.

Speakers: Susannah Cogman, Partner, Disputes, Brian Spiro, Partner, Disputes, Dan Hudson, Partner, Disputes, Kate Meakin, Partner, Disputes, Miriam Everett, Partner, Corporate, Andrew Moir, Partner, IP and Global Head of Cyber & Data Security, Greig Anderson, Partner, Disputes and Michael Hunt, Partner, Disputes

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Disputes following cyber and data security incidents, including class actions

10 June 2020

Cyber and data security incidents are a fact of everyday life. They strike at the confidentiality, availability and integrity of digital information, sometimes causing massive disruption. Severe and lasting damage can be the result for many businesses. In this webinar we look at the litigation which is so often the consequence of such incidents. The dialogue with the regulator which can end in court. The battles with your suppliers and partners about liability.  The disputes with insurers and shareholders.  The class actions brought by individuals seeking damages which can haunt you for years. Our experts in cyber and data security, contentious data privacy and cyber insurance share their knowledge and experience of the litigation landscape and explain what you can do to minimise litigation risk and reputational harm. 

Speakers: Kate MacMillan, Consultant, IP, Greig Anderson, Partner, Disputes and Elena Hogg, Associate, IP

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FRAND 2.0 – licensing in a world of new standards

20 May 2020

The law and practice around FRAND has evolved significantly since the days of disputes around standards such as recordable compact discs, 2G and 3G.  With the advent of newer mobile telecoms standards such as 5G, as well as standards in new contexts (such as the internet of things and connected autonomous vehicles) and the fresh round of licensing that inevitably will follow, there is an opportunity to shape best practice still further.

In this presentation we focus on some of the practical guidance issued by the courts as to how to approach FRAND negotiations, focussing on Germany, France and the UK.  What should prospective licensors and licensees do differently this time for forthcoming licensing negotiations on new standards?  Are we in a better position now to avoid some of the previous challenges, such as patent hold-up and hold-out?

SpeakersAndrew Moir, Partner, IP and Global Head of Cyber & Data Security, Frédéric Chevallier, Partner, IP, Ina vom Feld, Partner, IP and David Webb, Associate, IP

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COVID-19 - Cyber and data-related challenges

5 May 2020

This is the 11th in our series of webinars covering the busienss challenges presented by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Covid-19 - Pressure points: Cybersecurity and data - maximising operational resilience and performance will look at how the virus is accelerating digitalisation and the cyber and data challenges it has brought into sharp relief. We shall consider key questions and actions for management. Please join our discussion on:

  • the cybersecurity risks made more acute by the current disruption, including fraud and ransomware attacks, and the steps you need to take to deliver cyber and data security and operational resilience;
  • data protection issues, including the tension between balancing competing rights of data privacy and public health; and 
  • incorporating the learnings from recent disruption into business and digital strategies going forward.

The webinar will be chaired by Paula Hodges QC, head of Herbert Smith Freehills' global arbitration practice, who will be joined by experts from Herbert Smith Freehills, who will share their insights from the current crisis.

Paula Hodges QC, Head of Global Arbitration Practice, Miriam Everett, Partner, Corporate, Kate MacMillan, Consultant, IP, Charlie Morgan, Senior Associate, Disputes

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The GDPR – the "whole of business" issue at the top of your board agenda

24 November 2017

Following the first briefing in our multi-disciplinary GDPR series, this related webinar explores changes that your organisation may need to implement to be ready for 25 May 2018.

Data has evolved in our digital economy to become the lifeblood of global trade. It affects all businesses and industries and dealing with it is a "whole of business" issue, affecting each and every team within an organisation.

With just under six months to go before the EU General Data Protection Regulation (the "GDPR") comes into force, access our webinar to explore changes that your organisation may need to implement to be ready for 25 May 2018.

There is no one-size-fits-all compliance programme and the extent of preparation required will depend on a number of factors unique to your organisation. The webinar walks you through the high level anatomy of a GDPR compliance programme, focusing on some key bite sized next steps to consider to help make the task more manageable.

SpeakersNick Pantlin, Partner, TMT & Data, Christine Young, Partner, Employment, Andrew Moir, Partner, IP and Global Head of Cyber & Data Security, Claire Wiseman, Senior Associate, TMT & Data, Duc Tran, Senior Associate, TMT & Data

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