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Current events related to Covid-19 and the related economic impact are raising a number of time critical issues that sponsors and trustees of defined benefit schemes need to address. To help with this, we have created checklists (based on our experience advising clients to date) which summarise the key pensions-related issues and regulatory guidance that trustees and sponsors need to consider in relation to defined benefit schemes:

Pressure points - Checklist of key issues for DB scheme sponsors (UK) 

Pressure points - Checklist of key issues for trustees of DB schemes (UK)

The checklists cover key issues relating to:

  • business continuity and the ongoing operation of the scheme
  • funding and handling requests to defer deficit recovery contributions
  • data protection and cybersecurity
  • pension scams and member communications, and
  • scenario planning for future events.

If you have particular concerns about your scheme or sponsor please contact us.

Latest News

Follow the latest news on the impact of Covid-19 on UK pension schemes and sponsors on our UK pensions blog. For updates on the wider impact check HSF’s CATALYST hub.

These checklists should be read alongside our Covid-19 briefings which can be found here:

Pressure points: Regulator updates Covid-19 guidance for DB scheme trustees and sponsors

Pressure points: Pensions Regulator updates guidance on reporting requirements and enforcement activity

Trustees beware – Changes to UK insolvency regime are now in force


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