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Our latest #FDIFriday podcast series brings together experts from our Global Foreign Investment Regulation Group to discuss the rapidly-evolving FDI regulatory landscape in accessible, digestible podcast episodes to help clients and our wider network keep abreast of the latest developments in this pertinent area of international investment.

Decision-making by FDI agencies tends to be characterised by a lack of transparency, with typically very limited information made publicly available in respect of individual cases. As a result, it can be difficult for investors to understand how the review process is likely to play out in practice and to gauge the potential execution risk for a particular transaction. By sharing our experiences gained from dealing with FDI agencies around the world we will offer valuable insights into the review process and identify some key themes and trends that we are seeing in practice.

The episodes will initially focus on the UK National Security and Investment regime, including the implications for M&A in specific sectors which are particularly in the spotlight at the moment, including tech, energy, pharma and private capital. We will then go on to consider the most important recent developments in FDI regimes in other jurisdictions across the world, highlighting the key points that transacting parties need to be aware of and offering practical guidance for investors.


Episode 18: Spotlight on foreign investment regulation in Vietnam

In this FDI Friday episode, Irina Akentjeva (Partner) and Ken Ooi (Senior Associate) discuss practical insights into foreign investment regulation in Vietnam with Ruth Allen (Professional Support Lawyer), drawing on their experience of the review process.

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Veronica Roberts

Partner, UK Regional Head of Practice, Competition, Regulation and Trade, London

Veronica Roberts
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Ruth Allen

Professional Support Lawyer, London

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