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We are delighted to present an update to our European Energy Handbook.

The European Energy Handbook usually reports on regulatory, legal and market developments in the European energy sector. However, these are not usual times as the COVID-19 pandemic is creating significant health, social and economic challenges worldwide, forcing governments and businesses to critically assess the impact on their people, operations and governance.

In many jurisdictions, governments have made available support schemes for businesses in an effort to mitigate the consequences of the pandemic on their businesses. In this special edition, we cover 52 jurisdictions across the globe. For each of these jurisdictions, this edition provides:

  1. An overview of governmental support initiatives across the world by setting out the details of the financial and practical support schemes available, the sectors and businesses covered, as well as the eligibility criteria for the relevant support schemes.
  2. An analysis of the impact the pandemic has had on the energy and infrastructure sectors. Although it is too early to tell the full impact on these sectors, some early issues and trends are emerging.

In addition to contributions for the European Union, Australia, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States, from our own offices, this special edition features contributions from Schoenherr (Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia), Stibbe (Belgium), Kromann Reumert (Denmark),  Roschier (Finland and Sweden), Kyriakides Georgopoulos (Greece), BBA//Fjeldco (Iceland), Hiswara Bunjamin & Tandjung (HBT) (Indonesia), Meitar Liquornik Geva Leshem Tal Law Offices (Israel), Kinstellar (Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan), Cobalt (Latvia and Lithuania), Arendt & Medernach (Luxembourg), Zammit Pace Advocates (Malta), Houthoff (the Netherlands), Karanovic & Partners (North Macedonia), Arntzen de Besche Advokatfirma AS (Norway), WKB Wierciński, Kwieciński, Baehr (Poland), Campos Ferreira, Sá Carneiro & Associados (Portugal), Schellenberg Wittmer Ltd (Switzerland), Kolcuoğlu Demirkan Koçaklı (Turkey), and Avellum (Ukraine).

The International COVID-19 Response: An Overview. A special edition of the European Energy Handbook

If you have any questions regarding this edition, please do not hesitate to contact Silke Goldberg.

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