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Our Intellectual Property (IP) lawyers help the world's foremost companies use IP to protect their investments, to secure and maintain competitive advantage and to obtain commercial outcomes. We have acted on some of the most complex disputes and transactions in the market.

In this podcast series, members of our leading global IP practice share their extensive knowledge and experience, exploring a variety of topics, issues and areas of IP law from a commercial perspective, through interviews, discussions and thought leadership pieces.

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Episode 1: An Introduction to FRAND

The UK Supreme Court is soon expected to hand down its judgment in the appeals of Unwired Planet v Huawei and ZTE v Conversant concerning FRAND, which were heard together. In advance of the decision itself, this podcast provides a reminder of what FRAND is all about (fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms required in the licensing of standard essential patents) and what issues are before the Court, as well as some background to the individual disputes. We will provide updates on our blog (Intellectual Property Notes and publish a further podcast once the Supreme Court has given its judgment.

Episode 2: Plausibility

Andrew Wells (one of the winners of the 2019 AIPPI prize for UK AIPPI Group's study questions for his contribution on the plausibility question) discusses:

  • The concept of 'plausibility' in patent law 
  • The EPO approach to inventive step and plausibility 
  • How plausibility arises in insufficiency arguments
  • The approach of the English courts 
  • The future for the concept of plausibility in patent law 
  • Practical implications for innovators and patentees

Episode 3: Architects' Copyright

Rachel Montagnon and Joanna Silver discuss the problems associated with the use of architects' designs where specific permissions are not in place, and the impact on development projects, including: 

  • What sort of works attract copyright? 
  • How could these copyright works be infringed?
  • Who owns copyright in architects' designs? 
  • What licences can be implied if no agreement is in place? 
  • Termination of engagement and insolvency situations
  • Escrow and collateral warranties
  • Moral rights
  • What relief can architects claim?

Episode 4: Comparative Advertising

Advertising that makes a comparison with another party's products or services needs to be considered carefully. In this podcast we provide a short summary of the laws which apply and review the options for challenging misleading and unlawful adverts in the UK.

Episode 5: Collaborating with Third Parties – IP Considerations

Collaborating with a third party can bring with it numerous benefits. Parties can work to their own strengths, share experience, and venture into new markets or territories, while sharing costs and risks. However, there are a multitude of legal considerations which need to be considered, both at the outset and as the collaboration progresses. In episode 5 of our podcast series, Joel Smith and Jessica Welborn discuss some of the key IP considerations surrounding collaboration agreements.



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