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Recording - Originally broadcast 17 July 2019

The new EU Prospectus Regulation (2017/1129/EU) will apply across EU Member States from 21 July 2019. It represents the most significant overhaul of European securities law since the existing Prospectus Directive (2003/71/EC) came into force in 2005.

The new regime introduces a number of changes to the overall framework of whether an issuer is required to publish a prospectus and, if so, how that prospectus needs to be written, structured, formatted and stored over time.

In this short webinar, our capital markets experts will:

  • set out the new legal framework,
  • discuss issues of transition arising from the switch from the Prospectus Directive regime to the Prospectus Regulation regime, and
  • highlight the headline changes which will take effect from 21 July 2019.

We are planning further focussed Prospectus Regulation webinars in Autumn 2019 which will also feature speakers from our Debt Capital Markets and Funds practices.

If you would like to access the recording please contact us.

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Mike Flockhart

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