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With just days to go until Brexit, this week’s events in the UK Parliament may well be crucial in setting the future direction for the UK’s relationship with the EU.  To try to make sense of the ongoing political turmoil, Tom Henderson, Senior Associate and member of our core Brexit team, hosted two webinars (11 and 14 March) with guest speaker Oliver Lewis, Director of political advisory firm, Hanbury Strategy.

In an informative discussion Oliver gave us his views on a variety of issues including:

  • The chance of the EU agreeing to extend the negotiation timetable, and for how long.
  • The possibility of a third meaningful vote on the Prime Minister’s withdrawal deal and likely outcome, including how the ERG and DUP will be persuaded to back the Prime Minister’s deal.
  • The alternatives to the negotiated deal that may be subject to indicative votes including: “Norway plus”, a second referendum and a revocation of Article 50.
  • The Labour Party’s Brexit strategy.
  • The likelihood of the Prime Minister’s resignation.


During the webinar we also conducted our latest poll which concluded that 69% believe that the UK will leave the EU with an agreement (33% of which believe it will be on the terms of the present withdrawal deal and 36% believe it will be on different terms).  23% believe that Brexit will not happen and that the UK will remain in the EU and only 8% envisage a “no-deal” Brexit (compared to 14% in November 2018).

To access the webinar recording, please contact Jane Webber. If anyone has questions arising out of the webinar, they can submit them via the webinar app and we will respond via email.

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