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Recording - Originally broadcast 13 March 2019

This third in our series of webinars on class actions in England and Wales focused on shareholder actions.  Shareholder claims have not historically been a significant feature of litigation in England and Wales, but in recent years we have started to see more cases brought by groups of shareholders, who form a natural constituency for group litigation.  Our speakers for this webinar have acted on two of the most notable shareholder class actions to have been brought in the English courts: the RBS Rights Issue Litigation (Simon Clarke and Kirsten Massey) and the Lloyds/HBOS Litigation (Harry Edwards).

In this webinar we discussed the outlook for shareholder group actions in England and Wales, the types of claims (e.g. under sections 90 and 90A FSMA) and remedies likely to be pursued by shareholder group claimants, and some challenges in bringing and defending these actions.

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Simon Clarke

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Simon Clarke
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Harry Edwards

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Harry Edwards