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Recording - orginally broadcast - 14 February 2019

Following the votes in the House of Commons, the UK Government intended to renegotiate the withdrawal deal with the EU (however forlorn that may be) with a view to bringing a revised agreement back to Parliament for a further vote.  Theresa May confirmed that if there is no revised deal agreed with the EU by 13 February 2019 she would make a statement on the state of play to MPs on that date, and put down a motion that can be amended by MPs on the following day, 14 February 2019.  This would give MPs another chance to vote on the Brexit plans, and to revisit amendments that failed to win a majority on 29 January.  The vote on 14 February was therefore crucial in setting a pathway forward for Brexit.

With that in mind, Tom Henderson (Senior Associate and member of our core Brexit team) will be hosted a webinar on Thursday 14 February to discuss the latest political developments and the likely next steps following the anticipated further votes in the Commons.  Tom was joined by Oliver Lewis, who as one of the leaders of Hanbury Strategy’s Brexit team and former adviser to various Cabinet Ministers is well placed to share his insights on the politics behind Brexit.

If you would like to access the recordng please contact us.