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In a flagship report, we assess the dramatic changes facing the telecoms industry as technology and customer expectations evolve 

Transformation in the global telecoms ecosystem is gathering momentum. It is driven by evolving technologies, growing customer appetite for hyperconnectivity and a new breed of competitor.

In their quest for a place within this fast moving landscape, traditional telecoms companies will need to reinvent themselves and become more relevant to the digital age customer. 

Collaboration and diversification will drive opportunities and growth, enabling providers to achieve speed and scale while transitioning to new, profit-enhancing activities.

Five key themes that will help telecoms companies and players within the sector to thrive include:

Five key themes: Digital

Within the publication, we consider:

  • the evolving connectivity architecture; the opportunities inherent in existing infrastructure and those that will be made possible by digitalisation and the advent of 5G. 
  • the scope for traditional providers to transition from being builders of networks to enablers of new services; with Internet of Things, cloud, security, verticals and big data.

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