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Recording: Originally broadcast Tuesday 24 April 2018 

We explored and explained the intricacies of the Irish electricity market ahead of its move away from its current mandatory pool to a voluntary bilateral trading model based on the European target model in May 2018.

This change is the biggest change in the Irish power market in a decade. From May, the integrated Single Electricity Market (iSEM) will see the introduction of day-ahead, intraday and forward markets as well as fundamental changes to the capacity payment mechanism.

The switch to iSEM comes at a critical moment: Brexit may have an impact not only on the governance of the all island electricity market but also the future supply security of Ireland and  Irish- British relations feature heavily in the Brexit negotiations.

In this context, Silke Goldberg, an Irish qualified partner in our Global Energy Practice, hosted a webinar focussing on challenges and opportunities in the Irish electricity market and explored questions such as:

  • What will change? What will be the main features of iSEM ?
  • What challenges and opportunities will it bring for current market participants and future investors?
  • What role for interconnectors in the Irish power market?
  • What potential implications does Brexit have on iSEM and energy supply security for the island of Ireland?
  • What are the regulatory challenges post- Brexit for iSEM?

If you would like to access the recording please contact us.

Key contacts

Silke Goldberg photo

Silke Goldberg

Partner, London

Silke Goldberg