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You will find this guide useful if you are considering an initial public offering (IPO). It deals with the IPO legal framework and what happens in practice during an IPO.

An IPO is an important step in the development of your business. This guide will arm you with the knowledge you need to plan for your IPO, anticipate problems, minimise IPO disruption to your business

and maximise the success of your IPO.

It deals with:

  • whether you are IPO ready,
  • alternatives if you are not,
  • preparatory IPO steps and selecting,
  • advisers,
  • the IPO due diligence process,
  • the IPO regulatory regime, ASIC and ASX,
  • requirements and the role of the regulators,
  • the prospectus preparation process,
  • employee incentive plans and dividend,
  • reinvestment plans,
  • the particular issues associated with large,
  • IPOs, and
  • your post-IPO obligations.

An average IPO takes between 3-5 months although preparation can be quicker if you are IPO-ready. Timelines for small/medium and large IPOs are located at the back of this book.

This guide is current as at April 2017.

It is a summary of the relevant law and intended only as a guide. Please do not rely on it as a substitute for legal advice.

To contact us to obtain legal advice on your IPO, please use the details below.

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