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Recording: Originally broadcast: 31 October 2017

Faced with requests for disclosure (including from regulators and tax authorities) it can be a difficult job to determine what documentation and information is privileged. That job has become even harder following recent English High Court decisions in cases involving RBS and ENRC.

The aims of this webinar were to

  • go back to basics, to provide an overview of the different branches of legal professional privilege in England & Wales and Hong Kong; 
  • tackle some of the trickier issues that can arise in cross border and regulatory contexts; 
  • consider the meaning and impact of the English decisions in RBS and ENRC; 
  • given the increasingly aggressive approach of HMRC to offshore non-compliance, examine the scope of their investigatory powers and the interaction between those powers and privilege; and 
  • discuss when trustees can assert privilege against beneficiaries.

If you would like to access the recording please contact us.

Key contacts

Richard Norridge photo

Richard Norridge

Partner, Head of Private Wealth and Charities, London

Richard Norridge
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Nick Clayton

Partner, London

Nick Clayton
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