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The first edition gathers together the expertise of some of the leading experts in the sector.

London-based Construction & Infrastructure Disputes partners James Doe and David Nitek, along with Professional Support Lawyer Michael Mendelblat, have authored a chapter in the first edition of Global Arbitration Review's Guide to Construction Arbitration.

The new guide takes the reader through the essential details of preparing, mitigating and managing construction disputes internationally. From preparing contracts and guarantees, to setting up dispute boards, organising proceedings in arbitrations, analysing documents and evidence and navigating within particular industries and regions.

The guide offers a detailed discussion and commentary on both the substantive aspects of international construction contracts and the dispute resolution methods typically available for such contracts. It contains useful information for practitioners who are inexperienced in international construction contracts and dispute resolution, lawyers in private practice who are familiar with arbitration, but lack experience in dispute resolution proceedings in construction arbitration as well as students who study construction arbitration.

The guide organises the many issues and facets of the construction industry under four headings:

I.          International Construction Contracts

II.         International Arbitration for Construction Disputes

III.         Select Topics on Construction Arbitration

IV.        Regional Construction Arbitration

James, David and Michael's chapter, 'Construction Arbitration and Turnkey Projects' is available to download as a PDFThe full guide can be accessed online.

Key contacts

James Doe photo

James Doe

Partner and Joint Global Head of Construction & Infrastructure Disputes, London

James Doe
David Nitek photo

David Nitek

Partner, London

David Nitek