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Surprise inspections by governmental authorities are on the rise. Any company in any sector may be on the receiving end and obstructing a lawful raid is a criminal offence.

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Therefore, it is essential to be prepared. Front line staff such as Reception and Security, through to the IT team, business units, legal counsel and management, need to know how to react and what information to provide.

Drawing on our experience, we have published a guide to help deal with a raid by any of the key authorities in Hong Kong. It provides step-by-step help with all aspects of a raid, as well as checklists of powers and duties, and a series of "golden rules" to follow.

Since the guidance is practical, much of it can be deployed regardless of the jurisdiction and authority in question.

This publication should be a port of call as a dawn raid unfolds, along with our Dawn Raid Hotline. It accompanies our crisis prevention and management app (CrisisPM), which gives high level advice on what to do in a series of emergency situations, including a dawn raid. We also provide dawn raid and broader crisis prevention and management training. Details of the Hotline, app and training programme can be found in the guide.

Please email [email protected] to request a copy of the guide and contact the authors with any questions or comments. 

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