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Brexit webinar series

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Brexit video series

Brexit and Business - A View From Germany
Our recent event with Global Counsel put Brexit's impact on business, law and geo-politics in a German context. Given the pivotal role Germany is expected to play in the Brexit negotiations, this perspective is important for businesses to understand in planning for the future, both within the UK and with the rest of the EU and its partners. This short video includes key takeaways including from Wolfgang Munchau of the Financial Times, Lord Mandelson of Global Counsel and Jens Geier MEP, leader of SPD group of the EU Parliament. This is part of a series of 'Views From' events which seek to put Brexit in its global context.

Business and Brexit - A View From France
Our recent event examined Brexit from a Franco-British perspective. Drawing on expert views from industry, academia and politics, we saw discussions about the EU, UK and French political process, implications for accounting and legal services, financial services and a view from business on what it needs and how it is preparing. The event was organised with the Franco-British Lawyers Society and in association with the Franco British Council. This is part of a series of 'Views From' events which seek to put Brexit in its global context.

Madrid video updates: Brexit
Álvaro Sainz, Regional Head of Corporate - EMEA, looks at the latest developments taking place regarding Brexit. In particular, the Recommendation that authorises the Commission to enter into negotiations with the United Kingdom, a two-phase process that must follow the guidelines laid down by the Council. This video is presented in Spanish.

What does the post-Brexit landscape look like for TMT and Data?
Miriam Everett shares her views on how Brexit may affect the TMT and Data sector, and what businesses should be doing to prepare.

In the absence of passporting rights, how should the insurance industry prepare for Brexit?
Geoffrey Maddock examines the possible implications of Brexit for the insurance sector, including the risks and opportunities facing firms operating in both the UK and the EU.

Post-Brexit: EU Financial Services – A view from Ireland
In a recent event by Herbert Smith Freehills and McCann FitzGerald, experts discuss what the post-Brexit legal and regulatory framework for Ireland and the UK might look like, the potential to expand cross-border financial services provided from Ireland, and the role that Ireland might play in supporting a smooth transition for financial services.

Will the free movement of workers into the UK impact the Manufacturing and Industrials sector?
Stephen Wilkinson shares his views on the challenges that may arise in the Manufacturing and Industrials sector and how businesses should navigate the challenges presented by Brexit.

Will State aid, environmental standards and health and safety standards continue to apply in the post-Brexit world?
Silke Goldberg shares her views on the challenges that may arise in the Brexit context for Energy market participants in the UK and continental Europe.

Focus on international trade
Lode Van Den Hende shares his views on the challenges facing international trade for the goods and services industry.

Will the UK continue to thrive as a centre for financial services?
Andrew Procter shares his views on the challenges facing the Financial Services sector and why he thinks there is hope and real reason for confidence in the post-Brexit landscape.

Brexit: The Supreme Court decision on Article 50 and the Great Repeal Bill - what next?
We share the stage with experts from Hanbury Strategy and Monckton Chambers to discuss the impact of the Supreme Court's decision on Article 50, the political ramifications and predictions and the complexities likely to arise from the Great Repeal Bill.

Brexit: Charting a new course
Gavin Williams shares his views on how businesses should navigate the challenges presented by Brexit.

How should businesses prepare for a possible 'hard Brexit'?
Experts from Herbert Smith Freehills, Boston Consulting Group and Global Counsel discuss the international trade implications for business and the public sector, as well as opportunities and challenges in forging new ties.

Ben Ward discusses the outlook for M&A and impact from geopolitics
Bloomberg TV, 25 October 2016

Listen to Gavin Williams discuss Brexit implications with experts from KPMG and Tate & Lyle Sugars.
BBC Radio 4 "The, Bottom Line", 8 October 2016

Gavin Williams discusses some of the legal implications of Brexit
Bloomberg TV, 26 June 2016


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