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The core principles of English contract law, such as interpretation of contracts and remedies for breach, will not be affected by Brexit and the key attractions of English law will remain.

Brexit may, however, have implications for particular aspects of parties’ contractual relationships, including how certain terms may be interpreted and whether any termination rights may be triggered, and on questions relating to jurisdiction and enforcement of judgments.

In this seventh of our series of contract disputes practical guides, Anna PertoldiNeil Blake and Alex Kay consider what might change post-Brexit, and provide some practical steps that contracting parties can take to protect their position.

You can click here to download the PDF guide or contact Jane Webber to access the archived version of our hour-long webinar exploring these issues.

If you would prefer a shorter version focusing on key practical tips, which may appeal in particular to business colleagues, Anna has presented this 10 minute podcast.

The six previous editions in the series, listed below, can be accessed from this page of our Litigation Notes blog:

  • When do you have a binding contract? It may be more (or less) often than you think
  • What does your contract mean? How the courts interpret contracts
  • Pre-contractual statements: When can they come back to bite you?
  • How far can you act in your own self-interest? The role of good faith in commercial contracts
  • Endeavours obligations: How hard do you have to try?
  • Defining your liability in advance: Liquidated damages, limitation and exclusion clauses


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