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Since we produced the first edition of this Myanmar Investment Guide in 2012 and the second edition of this Myanmar Investment Guide in 2014, foreign investment in Myanmar has increased dramatically. Myanmar itself has undergone a period of rapid economic growth and of political change; that evolution continues at an astonishing pace. The country is now squarely in the investment map for South East Asia and presents investors with a wealth of opportunities across a range of sectors and industries.

In our experience, the country is moving from a phase of abundant, but largely untapped, potential to a phase of multiple market entrants and a more pragmatic, considered analysis of the investment climate. There are opportunities and challenges in equal measure, and further positive developments are expected following the success of the first democratic general election in 25 years. 

In response to questions and feedback from our global client base I am delighted to introduce this third edition of our guide to investing in Myanmar. The firm continuers to advise clients on major transactions, capital projects, dispute resolution, business establishment, compliance, investigations and public international law issues in, or relating to, Myanmar.

Most importantly, we continue to assist our clients in navigating the practical day-to-day challenges that many have faced or will face when considering a new investment opportunity or developing a business in the country. 

As with our previous editions, this guide aims to provide an overview of the prevailing legal and regulatory regime. We hope that you will find this third edition informative and focus as much on the practicalities of doing business in Myanmar as on the complexities of the legal sector.

To download a copy of the guide in English, please click here.

To download a copy of the guide in Japanese, please click here.