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The era where Japanese employees accepted employer authority without question in exchange for lifetime employment is fast being replaced with a new era: an era where Japanese employees are fully aware of their rights as prescribed in the Labour Standards Act (LSA), Labour Contract Act (LCA) and myriad of other laws and regulations, as well as individual employment contracts and the Rules of Employment.

This “Essentials” handbook aims to give employers a general understanding of the employment laws in Japan and how to effectively handle key employment issues including involuntary redundancy, rules regarding salary and overtime, leave and entitlements and how to maximise the company’s positions through effective drafting of the Rules of Employment, a document which is legally required for any employer in Japan who continuously employs ten or more workers.

This guide is designed for HR professionals to provide a brief, accessible summary of Japanese employment law processes in Japan. Of course, it is not, and never could be, a substitute for detailed advice on a case by case basis.

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