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Submissions to the Commission are due by 13 March 2015.

Consider the following:

  1. Have the transfer of business rules impacted on your business and its competitiveness and would you like the opportunity to make suggestions on how they might be reformed?
  2. Does your business get frustrated or confused with the risk of 'deemed employment' of independent contractors, given the complexity and uncertainty of the 'indicia' test – is this something you would like to contribute to the reform debate?
  3. Does your business face costs and complexity from administering multiple systems of long service leave accrual across Australia, and do you have views on how this should look in the future?
  4. Do you face significant potential costs when transferring staff to Australia from related entities overseas and having to recognise their prior overseas service for LSL accrual purposes? Is this something you would like to make a submission about?
  5. Does your business operate in jurisdictions other than Australia and do you see aspects of workplace relations in other countries that work better than in Australia? Would you like to bring this to the attention of the Productivity Commission?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your business may wish to consider making a submission. We are available to assist, so if you would like to discuss making a submission, please contact any of the team members listed on the right.

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