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The Byte of Big Data: An investigations and enforcement series

21 July 2020 | Insight

Our series on big data and enforcement assesses how oceans of data will help and hamper the fight against corporate wrong-doing

The growth in volume and complexity of information available has had a tremendous impact on international commerce, and rapidly changing the way in which regulators and law enforcement conduct an investigation. For businesses, data provides significant commercial opportunities and the ability to reduce compliance costs through data analytics. Though, as the volume of data generated increases, regulators’ expectations of monitoring, detection and reporting capabilities also evolves.

Our new Byte of Big Data: Investigations and Enforcement Series explores the key themes of this new era, and highlights how businesses need to prepare in a changing landscape. Our first topic in the series is "Monitoring for misconduct".

Monitoring for misconduct

In the same way that big data is changing the way business is done, it is also changing the face of white collar crime and, as a result, how that misconduct is detected, investigated and prosecuted. Meeting compliance expectations, conducting internal investigations and managing government agencies during enforcement are all becoming more complex. Click on the links below to read articles on this theme.



Latest Thinking

Big data is transforming investigations

This article gives context to this changing investigations and enforcement landscape and highlights the importance for businesses to better prepare for an investigation and minimise the impact of regulatory action.

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