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In a world that's increasingly dependent on technology, organisations are under increasing pressure to stay competitive and create connected experiences. To meet these rising demands, organisations are accelerating their digital transformation and in turn giving rise to complex, multi-jurisdictional and high-value technology disputes.

Our Tech Disputes team leads the way in helping clients to navigate these multifaceted disputes and can assist businesses to minimise their exposure to risk.

Our series of podcasts, webinars and commentary explores the nature of technology disputes, the areas in which they most commonly arise, reviews the changing dispute resolution landscape, and identifies the key trends and what this means for our clients across all industry sectors.

Topics included in our podcast series to date are:

  • Disputes involving IT contracts
  • Trade secrets disputes – protecting your key business information
  • Software audit disputes and data licensing disputes
  • Collaboration risks – where disputes arise and how to avoid them

Topics in our webinar series include:

  • Licensing in a world of new standards (SEPs and FRAND)
  • The evolution of copyright in a digital world
  • Class actions and other disputes following cyber and data security incidents
  • The importance of trade secrets enforcement to industry
  • The growing use of injunctions to enforce across online platforms
  • High tech disputes: a round-up of key issues

We have also published articles on these issues in PLC Magazine (linked below - see Technology Disputes and Data class actions).  

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