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Revolution or evolution - The tech disputes podcast series


Digital transformation is causing the dispute landscape to evolve rapidly. This series explores the nature of technology litigation, the areas disputes most commonly arise and assesses what the key trends mean for our clients across all sectors.

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EPISODE 4: Collaboration risks - where disputes arise & how to avoid them

In this episode on collaboration disputes, we explore some of the common areas where we have seen disputes arise when entering into IP and tech collaborations and why collaboration disputes are becoming so prevalent. We look at how clients can navigate the following key issues:

  • Compliance by the collaborating parties with their contractual obligations
  • How to handle and exchange confidential information within a collaboration
  • Disputes around provisions on ownership or rights to use IP 
  • Foreground and background IP – who brings what to the collaboration and who can retain/take/use what when it comes to an end
  • Termination of collaborations and the disputes arising from this


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