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Repurposing retail: Market and legal Issues in Europe

06 November 2020 | Insight

Our Repurposing Retail report sizes up the market and legal issues of reinventing retail spaces across Europe as landlords respond to demand for mixed-use sites

Brought into sharp focus by the Covid-19 pandemic, a downturn in the performance of traditional retail assets has been in evidence across a number of markets for some time. 

In “Repurposing Retail”, the next of our reports on drivers for change (see also Co-living arrangements in the UK and across France, Germany and Spain), we consider the market and legal issues for repurposing retail assets in the UK, as well as in France, Germany and Spain. These different markets are exploring various responses to the changing face of retail, with common themes being the growth of mixed-use developments and the repurposing of big box retail parks as logistic hubs.

Our research has highlighted the vital role that repurposing might play in creating new places and spaces for the communities in which existing retail assets are located. We’d be really interested to speak with you about your thoughts on and experience of this ever-changing market, so please get in touch.

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