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IP law podcast series - Unravelling the issues

22 November 2022 | Insight

Our experts explore the hottest topics and controversies in intellectual property law

In this podcast series, Australian partners Rebekah Gay and Emma Iles explore a variety of topics, issues and areas of intellectual property law.

LATEST EPISODE – COVID-19 vaccines and IP – dissecting the flurry of recent patent lawsuits

In episode 17, Emma and Rebekah are joined by Julie Chiu, a Senior Associate in Herbert Smith Freehills’ London office, to discuss a number of lawsuits playing out in the United States and Europe in relation to patents for Covid-19 vaccines – with so many players involved in developing the vaccines, and given the success of the vaccines, it is not surprising that some disputes have emerged. So who is suing who?

EPISODE 16: Patents for the clean energy transition: The debate continues

In episode 16, Emma and Rebekah are joined by Andrew Wells from Herbert Smith Freehills’ London office to talk about the role of intellectual property rights in a rapid and fair renewable energy transition. Global players are competing to set increasingly ambitious net-zero emissions targets. Do patents help or hinder the innovations needed to achieve these goals?

EPISODE 15: Undue influencers: The new TGA Advertising Code and social media advertising

In episode 15, Emma and Rebekah discuss the new advertising code administered by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, and in particular its regulation of advertising in social media.

EPISODE 14: Claiming you’re green? Proceed with caution

In episode 14, Emma and Rebekah discuss the increasing regulatory scrutiny and expected standards of conduct to prevent ‘greenwashing’ in the promotion of products to consumers both in Australia and overseas.

EPISODE 13: Better together? Europe’s new Unified Patent Court

In episode 13, Emma and Rebekah are joined by Sebastian Moore, a partner in Herbert Smith Freehills’ London & Milan offices, to discuss Europe’s new Unified Patent Court and unitary patents.

EPISODE 12 – Patent trolls; are renewable energy technologies in their sights?

In episode 12, Emma and Rebekah discuss patent trolls, the traditional targets of patent trolling activity and the emergence of a new trend in the renewable energy space.

EPISODE 11 – COVID-19 vaccines and IP – is IP really the key to equitable access?

In episode 11, Emma and Rebekah revisit a topic explored in their first podcast to discuss some recent developments around IP rights and equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines.


In episode 10, Emma and Rebekah are joined by Kishaya Delaney, a proud Wiradjuri woman, member of the Uluru Statement Youth Dialogue and a graduate in the Sydney Herbert Smith Freehills office, to discuss the recent assignment of copyright assignment in the Aboriginal Flag to the Federal Government. Does it really mean the Aboriginal flag has been ‘freed’ for all?



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