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Inside tech Asia Pacific webinar series

02 October 2020 | Insight

From digital infrastructure to healthtech, fintech to digital banking, our new webinar series explores the key themes in Asia's tech landscape

Our Inside Tech Asia Pacific Webinar Series covers a range of topics including fintech and digital banking, digital infrastructure, healthtech, and growth and investments in Asia Pacific. New themes and episodes will be added regularly. To join a live webinar session, please register and save the calendar invite to your diary. The calendar invite includes your access link for the live session. 


The Evolution of Digital Infrastructure in Asia Pacific

The second part of our Inside Tech Campaign explores the continuing evolution of digital infrastructure in Asia Pacific. This webinar series will focus on the different asset classes that make up digital infrastructure, specifically subsea cables and fibre, data centres, towers, and satellites. We will also discuss the opportunities of 5G and the role of renewable energy in digital infrastructure. Our panel discussion will cover the key drivers of the progression we are seeing in the Asia Pacific digital infrastructure market, key issues we’ve encountered given our extensive experience and our outlook for the future in this area.



Future of Fintech

Join us as we explore the Future of Fintech in Asia in our webinar series, with a focus on trends in digital banking, ventures and partnership opportunities for fintech companies and traditional financial services providers, data driven joint ventures, payment platforms and digital assets. 


Our next inside tech webinar series will cover the different sectors of digital infrastructure in Asia Pacific. Please contact [email protected] for more details

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