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ACCC Digital Platforms Inquiry: Assessing the Australian Government's response

20 December 2019 | Insight
Legal Briefings

We size up the government's stance on digital platforms regulation and ask what it means for business

On 12 December 2019, the Australian Government released its response to the final report of the ACCC’s Digital Platforms Inquiry.

The response includes:

  • additional funding of $26.9 million to establish a Digital Platforms Branch within the ACCC tasked with monitoring and enforcement
  • an inquiry into online advertising and ad-tech services
  • the proposed development of new codes relating to disinformation and quality of news online, and in relation to bargaining between digital platforms and news media businesses and a recommitment to developing a privacy code that applies to online platforms trading in personal information.

Our report, ACCC Digital Platforms Inquiry: Government Response, explains the Government’s proposed actions and importantly what they might mean for Australian businesses, particularly digital platforms, the businesses that rely on them, and traditional media operators.

While the Government’s response promises significant regulatory change, we also explore why it may fall short of establishing a comprehensive regulatory framework in which the digital economy and its participants can flourish.

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