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Cyber security hotline


Cyber security is now recognised as one of the top risks facing businesses globally.

Ensuring your team is empowered to ask questions and can raise issues as they occur is crucial to managing this risk effectively and improving your cyber maturity.

Managing cyber security in a proactive and cost effective manner also sends a strong positive message to your regulators, shareholders, commercial partners and customers.

We'll provide you with access to our global cyber security hotline, with contacts in your time-zone and an amount of included advice that matches your needs – to be used anywhere across our network.

Our cyber security hotline can help you with your questions around:

  • cyber security policies and procedures, including incident response planning, training and education
  • regulatory compliance (such as financial services regulation and data protection)
  • procurement and supply chain risk (contractor vetting and cyber contractual provisions)
  • employment law, insurance, health & safety and product liability issues
  • responding to incidents, such as regulatory notifications and reporting, best practice for working with regulators and law enforcement, and recovery of assets
  • cyber security issues in the context of corporate due diligence, joint ventures, projects work and outsourcing

Insights and updates

21st February 2018
Significant vulnerabilities that could allow cyber attackers to compromise data have been found in common...