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Moscow Accessibility


Physical access and facilities

Assisted entry

If you require assisted entry we recommend you contact the reception before arrival - Tel +74953636500

Inside the office, if you require further assistance, please come to the reception area and the office operational staff will be able to assist.


There is paid parking available at the office. These spaces are allocated on a first come basis.

Entrance and exit

The main entrance at the front of the office is accessed by steps. Please use the button to call staff for the assistance.

Office operational staff are available for assistance if required.

Inside the building

At the main reception please ask for the assistance and the turngate will be fully opened for your access.

You can access the lift and get to the 4th floor, where HSF reception will meet you. The lift is equipped with buttons with Braille alphabet.

There are no thresholds in the office.

Reception desk

The HSF reception desk is located on the 4th floor. Our operational staff welcome any questions you may have and will take any coats, bags etc. that you may want to store while in the office.

Questions / Queries

For any other questions or queries please call the office operational team on +7 495 363 6500 or alternatively email them at [email protected]