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Brisbane Accessibility


Please click on the drop down boxes below for accessibility details for our Brisbane office.

480 Queen Street

Assisted Entry Details  
Assisted Entry If you require assisted entry or to enter at the rear, we recommend you contact the 480 Queen Street Concierge Team on 0448 036 972 or Security afterhours on 07 3221 7352.
Parking The 480 Queen Street car park can be accessed via 391 Adelaide Street.
Car bays can be booked on the Secure Parking website.  
There are 3 dedicated accessible parking spaces on B1 available for use.  
Please note you are not able to book any accessible parking spaces in advance.
Entrance and Exit
  • Queen Street lobby
    The main entrance of 480 Queen street is via the Queen Street lobby. The entry to the lobby is generally flat, with slight gentle ramp leading to the lifts. 
  • Adelaide Street lobby
    480 Queen Street has a secondary foyer, which is located off Adelaide street. The entry to the Adelaide street foyer is flat.
Lift Access Lift call panels have been designed with an accessibility assist button.
Accessible bathroom (non - tenancy areas)
  • Ground Floor, back of house near End Of Trip (EOT)
    This can be accessed by tenants of the building, with a security access card. For the general public visiting 480 Queen Street, please see the friendly concierge team for assistance.
  • Mezzanine
    This is only accessible by swipe card assess.
  • Level 4 (back of house)
    This facility is located between First Class Fitness and the Restaurant space in the parklands. 
Concierge desk

Located in both the Queen Street and Adelaide Street lobbies.

Both desks are operational between 7.30am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday.
Baby Change

Located in the Level 32 Grove amenities and the Mezzanine unisex amenities.  

Access is by swipe card access, please see the onsite concierge team is you require access.


Herbert Smith Freehills Tenancy

Assisted Entry Details  

The Brisbane office reception is open from 8.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

Our staff welcome any questions you may have and are willing to assist.
Lift Access Lift call panels have been designed with an accessibility assist button.
Inside the tenancy

All areas in the tenancy can be accessed, by using the lifts between floors

Accessible bathrooms

Wheelchair-accessible and all- gender bathrooms are located on each floor.

Locations of these accessible bathroom and all gender bathrooms are circled in red

Level 31

Level 30

Level 29

Assisted listening systems The assisted listening system is located on the Client floor, function rooms 31.06 and 31.06.


Well Being Room

This space is available for:

  • Baby change
  • Feeding
  • Pray
  • Quite space
  • If you are feeling unwell

Lighting can be controlled via the switch as you enter the room.

You aren’t required to book this space and it is accessible 24/7. There is a phone located in the room, if you require assistance from a first aid officer or facilities.

The room does have a sink with running hot/cold water, a microwave and fridge.

Cleaning products are available.

You can also find first aid supplies located in the drawers

A wireless speaker is also available for use.