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Charting a new course


Trade post-Brexit

What would a hard Brexit mean for international trade? This report, in collaboration with The Boston Consulting Group and Global Counsel is designed to help business leaders understand and prepare for a sharp shift in the UK's relationship with the EU: hard Brexit.


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Brexit: challenge or opportunity?

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Will the UK continue to thrive as a centre for financial services?
Andrew Procter shares his views on the challenges facing the Financial Services sector and why he thinks there is hope and real reason for confidence in the post-Brexit landscape.
Brexit: The Supreme Court decision on Article 50 and the Great Repeal Bill - what next?
We share the stage with experts from Hanbury Strategy and Monckton Chambers to discuss the impact of the Supreme Court's decision on Article 50, the political ramifications and predictions and the complexities likely to arise from the Great Repeal Bill.

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