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Alumna Danielle Howell is on a mission to help as many people as possible to align with their hormonal cycle and unlock the secret to becoming more productive than ever.

At a time when we strive for gender equality in the workplace, it may seem controversial to highlight the fact that there are physical differences across genders.  Women have for years been successfully narrowing the gender gap and Herbert Smith Freehills is testament to this with an impressive “more than 85% increase in the number of women partners since 2014” (at the time of writing this article).  While achieving this however, women have been battling to remain productive and deliver their highest level of output continuously, day after day, despite the fluctuations in their hormones across a 28(ish) day cycle (as opposed to men’s 24-hour cycle).
Please note that throughout this article, when I refer to women, I’m referring to people of all gender identities who experience a menstrual cycle with periods.  Also, if you are a man or someone who doesn’t have periods for whatever reason, please don’t think this isn’t for you.  I strongly encourage you to continue reading, as the more understanding you have of how women’s productivity is driven by the hormonal cycle, the more you can become a better colleague or manager and build better client and/ or personal relationships.
It's common for people to assume that, when I introduce the concept of women aligning productivity with their hormone cycles, that I’m about to suggest we give women permission to slump under the duvet for a week whilst they self-pity at their ‘time of the month’.  However, as a Hormonal Cycle Optimisation Coach, I work with women using a framework that sets out the four phases of the cycle and identifies our peak skillset within each phase. My clients feel empowered by having clarity around their own personal cycle and how they work best in alignment with it.  They have the confidence to apply a new way of working to leverage their superpower and, as a result, become more productive than they’ve ever been before.
Women often come to me with questions on fertility or menopause, because these are events that trigger a thought process relating to alignment with hormones.  However, my mission is to help as many women as possible to realise the benefits of cycle tracking throughout their lives.  I use Hormonal Cycle Optimisation to help women who:
Are experiencing burnout 
Have tried various time management or productivity courses but still can’t seem to embed consistent habits
Are working so hard yet still aren’t getting the promotion they believe they deserve
Are successful in business but are looking for opportunities to continue to improve
Have a great business idea but struggle with imposter syndrome or lack the confidence to allow them to realise their dream
I still don’t meet many women who track their cycles, and I mean more than just knowing when their period is coming.  Wouldn’t you love to know when to schedule client networking activities or presentations, knowing you’ll be glowing, feeling confident and able to communicate clearly and effectively?   Well, you can… by doing a few things that take literally five minutes a day!
In school we are taught about the biology of periods but not the practical impact of the fluctuations in hormones across a cycle; so let me introduce you to the four phases of the hormonal cycle from a productivity perspective.
If your first thought is “but I have very little control over my work schedule” ask yourself “how much am I willing to work to achieve my goals?”  I encourage you to keep an open mind as to those small changes you can make within your control, or whether you could confidently influence others in their decision making.  Focus also on shifting your mindset, using the clarity you now have, as to better understand why your performance is not as expected.  This alone reduces a significant amount of pressure and brings increased fulfilment.  
To conclude, by gaining clarity on your own cycle and knowing where to focus your energy within each phase you unlock a superpower within you.  This knowledge and awareness will bring you confidence and you’ll be less likely to feel as though you’re under achieving at work or life generally.  You’ll likely experience a sense of calm and control.  Say goodbye to procrastination, frustration and self-berating.  Say hello to clarity, confidence and productivity.
If any of the content above resonates with you, and you have a desire to excel in your career, why not book a free discovery call? Together, through the use of my transformational 121 or group coaching programmes, we’ll unlock your untapped potential, taking you from where you are today to where you want to be. 
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Author: Alumna Danielle Howell, The Hormonal Cycle Optimisation Coach 

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