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Herbert Smith Freehills New York LLP, 450 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10017, United States of America

Physical access and facilities

Assisted entry

If you require assisted entry, we recommend you contact the receptionist before arrival - Tel +917 542 7600.

Inside the office, if you require further assistance, please come to the reception area and the office operational staff will be able to assist.


While we do not have parking available in our building, there are several parking facilities nearby. As we are not affiliated with these businesses, you will need to contact them directly for pricing and additional information.

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Entrance and exit

Side Entrance on 45th Street: The main entrance, at the front of the office, is not wheelchair accessible. Instead, please go to the side entrance located 45th street and use the last entrance/door on your right as you face the building. This accessible entryway has a flat surface.

As you approach the glass door to enter the building, the security guard stationed near the door will open the door and will escort you inside. Office operational staff are also available for assistance if required – please call Tel +917 542 7600 for immediate assistance.

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Inside the building

Once inside of the building, the security staff will direct you to the elevator, which you will take to the eighth floor. You will enter through the gate and select the Accessible button on the elevator touchpad. You can communicate with the accessible system to help guide you to your destination. Note all elevators and public areas inside of the building are wheelchair accessible.

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The service elevator is also available in the event of an emergency evacuation of the building.

After arriving to the eighth floor, you will go to your left and take a second elevator to the fourteenth floor. The elevator bank on your right will take you to our reception area located on the fourteenth floor.

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Assistance dogs

We welcome guide dogs, hearing dogs and assistance dogs in the office.

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Reception desk

The reception desk is located to just inside of the double glass doors. Our receptionist will be at the front desk to welcome you and direct you to your destination. We also have a closet located near the reception desk where you can store your coat or other personal items.

The reception desk is ADA compliant for wheelchair accessibility.

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Accessible working stations are available throughout the office as well as seats and benches at varying heights and styles.

Emergency evacuation and Buddy System

Employees with disabilities are assigned a buddy who will assist them during evacuations and emergent situations. Your buddy will be responsible for accompanying you to the stairs or elevator. Individuals who cannot take the stairs will be placed on a list with the building, so the building personnel knows to pick them up in the event of an emergency. In addition, the building will make an announcement with detailed evacuation instructions.

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Accessible toilets and water fountains

Wheelchair-accessible toilets are located on the fourteenth and fifteenth floors. A wheelchair accessible water fountain is also available on the fourteenth floor near the restrooms.

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Ergonomic equipment is available to those who need it. Reach out to our Office Operations team for additional information.

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Questions / Queries

For any other questions or queries please call the office operational team at +917 542 7600 or alternatively email them at [email protected]

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