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Our Vision

Beyond 2020 - Bring the best together


Our vision is to be a world class professional services business bringing together the best people to achieve the best results for clients.

To succeed we must

  • Be among ‘the best of the best’ law firms and professional services businesses in the world;
  • Work with our clients to provide what they want, how they want it delivered and where they want it delivered;
  • Provide exceptional legal services as the core of our business with other related services forming part of the way we serve our clients;
  • Be connected with and contribute to the communities we participate in;
  • Be a community of exceptional people who are committed to the business and its clients and perform outstandingly in our different roles;
  • And uncompromisingly live our Values, believe in our Vision and implement our Strategies.


Our people are our business and control our future

  • We strive to perform at the highest levels in a high engagement environment. We do things intensely. We don't mind working hard because we are striving to achieve an ambition we believe in as part of a great team.
  • At the same time we will be guided by our Values and professional standards – we do not lose sight of them.
  • Our clients want great results. We want them to succeed. We help them do this.
  • We value diversity and inclusion, as well as leadership and personal development. We recognise the need to invest consistently in ourselves so that our experience of the business is exceptional, we are motivated and fulfilled, as well as proud of the business and our colleagues.
  • We feel engaged with the business and motivated to collaborate and perform.
  • We want to work here.


Our business will perform at the highest levels

  • We have control of our destiny.
  • We must be a business others aspire to emulate. We will radiate energy which inspires and communicates confidence – for our clients and each other.
  • Our business will perform to the highest levels globally with exceptional people and highly efficient systems locally, all working together collaboratively across our network.
  • It will be profitable and successful.
  • Our collaboration and teamwork produces the best results for our clients.
  • We make collaboration and teamwork central to the way we do things. We are confident in each other and our relationships. Our shared purpose means we achieve the best for those we work for, and with.
  • We have an international outlook. Our people are based locally and enjoy working across borders and understand different cultures and diverse perspectives.
  • We share knowledge globally and use it to help our clients achieve great results, and help our people in their work, wherever this may be.
  • We will embrace innovation – for our clients and ourselves – and bring insight as well as expertise and solutions to our clients. We also embrace the significant levels of change in our business environment and the technology which underpins it.