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Wednesday 24 September 2014 12.30pm BST   The LCIA rules 2014: what you need to know   Jacomijn van Haersolte-van Hof (LCIA)
Paula Hodges QC
Monday 29 September 2014
12.45pm BST
  Developments in data protection laws - impact on employers   Christine Young
Jatinder Bahra
Tuesday 14 October 2014
12.45pm BST
  Litigation Update   Natasha Johnson
Gregg Rowan
Maura McIntosh

Tuesday 21 October 2014
9.30am BST
12.30 - 1.30pm GST
5.30 - 6.30pm JST

  Instability in Iraq and the implications for international energy contracts   Matthew Weiniger QC
Caroline Kehoe
Dominic Roughton
Christopher Thomson

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